Day 29 – Life IS A Journey… Go Travel It!

Today was it… 40 miles to the ferry at Vallejo. I was surprised by all the country roads we were traveling on when we were so close to all the urban cities. I don’t recall the time exactly, but our ferry departed at 2pm on the dot, and we were set to sail into San Francisco within the next 1.5 hours! There are no words to explain the feeling that I felt when the Golden Gate Bridge came into view. 29 long days, 2000+ miles, and countless mountains and desert stretches made this one heck of an adventure.

Once we got off the ferry at Fisherman’s Wharf, we rode to the Golden Gate Bridge which took almost an hour. After getting a quick picture in, we headed onto the path on the bridge… a few short minutes later we were across it and the journey was complete. Thoughts, emotions, and everything else flash by when I think back to where we started on that roadside in Kansas with our peanut butter sandwiches, but we finally made it!!

I’ll make a more formal ending post when I get back home, but for now it’s time for relaxation and enjoyment of the wonderful city of San Francisco!

Total miles biked: 40 miles from Winters, CA to San Francisco, CA


“Life’s a journey, go travel it”

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  1. Hey Neil and Seth,
    You just rode from NE to the Golden Gate!… in under a month!!! Right on!

    It was great to meet you both. You are mature beyond your years and an inspiration in your pursuits. We enjoyed having you stay with us and sharing a few stories from the road with you. There is something special about a bike tour that puts a whole new perspective on the term road trip. Based on your experience, we will be sure to pack a long rope and a bucket if we ever plan to stop by Lake Powell to refill our bottles.

    Keep an eye out for us. Maybe we’ll meet again, on down the road.

    -Reid and Libby

  2. Yeah!!!”!! Congratulations, you did it!!! You set out on this adventure with a goal we all thought was crazy but you did it anyway. We are all so proud of you and your determination!!!! Lots of love!!!
    PS. Seth has been following your post everyday with me. Not sure who wax more excited to read it each day, me or him. Lol

  3. CONGRATS guys!!!! What an accomplishment!!! This is something you’ll never forget. Enjoy your time in San Fran!!! Seth, can’t wait to see you! Kelly

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  4. Fantastic! It’s a journey that will fill your lifetime with stories and memories. Thanks for sharing as it’s been great fun to follow your adventure!!!

  5. Congratulations, what an awesome adventure you guys have had. Thanks for letting us ride along with you. Now go have a good time in San Fran and looking forward to your next adventure.

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